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Trek & GR-20 camping blanket - Sound Waves. Stylish, warm & versatile ✨

Our Trek blankets are perfect for the spring/summer seasons and the extra weight found in the GR-20 adds more warmth for the cooler seasons.
Perfect for use when you are camping, hiking, at festivals or simply on your couch the puffy down blanket wraps around you and clips together to make a warm Poncho style Stadium Blanket.

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Spending time in nature✨Listening to the sound of waves✨Breathing deeply✨Enjoying the moment ...

Outdoor down travel blanket perfect for sunsets 🌅

Make quality time cozier. 👌

With a ripstop nylon shell, you can confidently bring your Horizon Hound blanket along on the most intense adventures!

This advanced material reliably resists water, sand, stains, and
withstanding slashes and stabs by sharp rocks, twigs, and sticks. 🙌

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Harvest moon 🌝 above the horizon and aurora blue sky 💙

✨Have a great weekend everyone !

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#harvestmoon #aurorablue

⛺️ •Ultimate travel blankets•
Take it anywhere! Fully compressed into its premium stuff sack it fits into any backpack or bag. It’s perfect for Camping, Hiking, Hammocks, or as a warm Blanket for your car, great in an Emergency!

⛺️ •Buy with confidence•
Down is a natural and sustainable material, and we only use Responsibly Down Standards (RDS) filling. This multi purpose indoor / outdoor blanket is highly compressible yet benefits from the amazing insulation of Down. Outdoor gear that won’t weigh you down!

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Listen to the sound of silence.
It has so much to say 😌

Horizon Hound Down Camping Blankets ⛺️

🧡We love to share our blankets with our furry friends, love them so much!🧡
Happy pup’s, Happy us🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

Our blankets are pet friendly and odour free 👍

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🦋 When the spirit of nature touches us, our hearts turn in to a butterfly 🦋

Horizon Hound Gr-20 & Trek blankets
Color chart:
Sound waves 🟤🔵
Warm red 🔴
Spruce green 🟢
Burnt orange 🟠
Onyx black ⚫️

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💦Machine washable - On a gentle low temperature cycle.💦

• This machine washable comforter measures 77 x 50 inch (196 x 127cm) when fully puffed, and weigh 1lb 1oz. Our camping blankets use tough, water-resistant 20D ripstop nylon to limit staining & odours. Filled with sustainable duck down (80% down & 20% feather) that conforms to Responsible Down Standards (RDS)

Fall almost here 🍂
Let’s fall happily in to autumn! 🍁
With Horizon Hound in mind 🧡

❤️Wearable blankets as a cape!💙
For children it’s so much fun 🤩
It helps to develope there imagination and keeping there bodies warm at the same time🌤
Nothing brings us more joy than seeing our children HAPPY and WARM! 🫶

G-20 & Trek-blankets.
Link to web site here 🔗www.horizonhound.com
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Nature is our happy place 💫
#sunsethorizon 🫶

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Life is simple! Eat. Sleep. Camp. Repeat.
Sleep Better While Traveling with our Trek & GR-20 blankets
•Outdoor Travel Blanket
•Sustainable Insulated Down
•Lightweight & Warm
•Hiking & Festival
•Water Resistant
•Packable & Compact

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Something beautiful is on the horizon 🧡

The strange thing is about the sunset that we actually don’t want the sun to set,
we want it to stay right on the horizon, not below it, not above it, just right on it. 🫶

Loving what you see?
Tap + Shop our Horizon hound blankets.
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Nature is our happy place 🫶 ...

Happiness is a warm blanket to our four legged friends too.🐾 ...

Keep calm and travel on. 🙌
Life is not meant to be in one place.

With our Trek blankets everywhere.
You love it you get it. 🫶
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New 🖤 Gr-20 and Trek Blanket.
Blankets perfect for everything you do from camping to festivals or even getting cosy at home on the couch.🖤

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Nature has a pure heart💚
Open👐 hearts see love everywhere
love the earth as you would love your self🫶

Lovely Friday everyone! 😉

Anyone on vacation? 🏕
Happy vacation, stay safe and enjoy! 😎

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