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Our Down Camping Blankets 🖤 + 💙♥️💚💛

💫LIGHTWEIGHT - Comfort without compromise. High warmth to weight ratio.

💫VERSATILE - Use as a blanket or poncho from the campsite to the couch.

💫WASHABLE - Even after months of roughing it, our blankets clean up as good as new.

💫DURABLE - Made with a tough and reliable high-performance ripstop nylon shell.

Happiness is a warm blanket to our four legged friends too.🐾 ...

Keep calm and travel on. 🙌
Life is not meant to be in one place.

With our Trek blankets everywhere.
You love it you get it. 🫶
Website in bio.👆


New 🖤 Gr-20 and Trek Blanket.
Blankets perfect for everything you do from camping to festivals or even getting cosy at home on the couch.🖤

Get your blanket, our website in bio above 👆

Nature has a pure heart💚
Open👐 hearts see love everywhere
love the earth as you would love your self🫶

Lovely Friday everyone! 😉

Anyone on vacation? 🏕
Happy vacation, stay safe and enjoy! 😎

Rose’s are red♥️ violets are blue💙
We have a selection of colors for you.

Choose your favourite color 🌈

Find our website in bio ☝️

Getting lost is not a waste of time. ✌️

It’s ok to get lost every once in a while, sometimes getting lost is how we find ourselves. 🙌

Mute Swans are majestic, beautiful-looking creatures.🤍

When you see an image of two 🦢 making a 🤍 shape, it’s almost always Mute Swans, easily identified by their orange bills with a black bump on top.

Did you know?

That these swans are not native to California?
Due to their beauty, Mute Swans were imported from Europe and then released in parks, large estates, and zoos.
Unfortunately, these individuals escaped and have established an invasive wild population in the Northeast, Midatlantic, Great Lakes, and Pacific Northwest of the U.S.

When you see Mute 🦢 look at there nob and you will know witch is the male or female. Small nob is male and big nob is female.

Have a lovely day 😉

Happy 4th! 🎉 To all #outdoorsy Peep’s!
Angling is just a way of relaxing and escaping in the #countryside, and spending time in nature helps you in finding a balance to your busy day-to-day life. ✌️
Have a great day and stay #warm

Independence Day Weekend! Freedom! 🎊

What are your plan’s for the weekend? Where are you going to celebrate your freedom?

Our freedom will be ⛺️, dancing around the 🔥pit with the glass of 🥂, watching the fireworks cozy wrapped up in our lovable #blankets 🥰 That's us. 😎

Enjoy your Freedom #everyone !

Good to know! Children love our blankets. 🥰

Our blankets have popper buttons making them easy to wear on the go.

💫 Lightweight

💫 Warm & versatile

💫 Durable

Shop more colors. Link in our Bio 🔗

Ultimate travel blankets, buy with confidence 👍

What’s your camping style?
Looking for special rocks, warm up by the #campfire with cosy clothes and #blanket, with hot chocolate and falling into the arts

Let your inner child run free with the wonders of #nature’s playground. Whether creating art on rocks, #hiking to an epic viewpoint, or setting up #camp for a memorable night under the stars, the possibilities are endless.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life of our souls.

Spending time #outdoors has always been one of our greatest passions, whether out on the road, #trekking across Europe or just #relaxing in the garden counting stars, having that connection with #nature is something truly special. 🌳🏕

After years of carrying gear with us and whittling down to the absolute essentials, one item always held the top spot on our priority list. A warm #blanket! 🥰

Check out our website in bio to find your favourite color. 🔵🟠🟢🔴

Secrets to happiness 🫠
we have courage!
we are free!
we are happy!
and we have our GR-20 & Trek blankets are available in 6 different color ways!

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We love our four legged customers!🐾

Did you know that our blankets are pet friendly and odour free? Like this sweet puppy your four legged friend will love it!

📸&🐕 belong to @mikehawkins

5 things that we do to take care of our mental health:

✨Regular exercise helps boost your mood! Any excuse for an adventure…

✨Prioritise sleep. A well rested body can take on anything!

✨Set clear and achievable goals so you can keep track of your accomplishments. Big and small

✨Form a daily routine. Structure can help direct your thoughts.

✨A big one-stay hydrated! You’ll for sure notice a shift in your energy.

Let us know what your best tips and tricks are for a healthy mind and body!

Better together🤝 What would be your perfect colour combination?

Get yourself and your adventure companion matching blankets on our website.

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