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What’s your camping style?
Looking for special rocks, warm up by the #campfire with cosy clothes and #blanket, with hot chocolate and falling into the arts

Let your inner child run free with the wonders of #nature’s playground. Whether creating art on rocks, #hiking to an epic viewpoint, or setting up #camp for a memorable night under the stars, the possibilities are endless.

The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life of our souls.

Secrets to happiness 🫠
we have courage!
we are free!
we are happy!
and we have our GR-20 & Trek blankets are available in 6 different color ways!

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We love our four legged customers!🐾

Did you know that our blankets are pet friendly and odour free? Like this sweet puppy your four legged friend will love it!

📸&🐕 belong to @mikehawkins

5 things that we do to take care of our mental health:

✨Regular exercise helps boost your mood! Any excuse for an adventure…

✨Prioritise sleep. A well rested body can take on anything!

✨Set clear and achievable goals so you can keep track of your accomplishments. Big and small

✨Form a daily routine. Structure can help direct your thoughts.

✨A big one-stay hydrated! You’ll for sure notice a shift in your energy.

Let us know what your best tips and tricks are for a healthy mind and body!

Better together🤝 What would be your perfect colour combination?

Get yourself and your adventure companion matching blankets on our website.

Our blankets were designed with you in mind.

We compiled a list of must haves very early on in our outdoors adventures and quickly realised that the perfect blanket we were searching for ceased to exist… so we made it!

Lightweight but cosy. Compact but airy. Colourful but stylish. Convenient but practical. Advanced but affordable.

Shop now online via the link in our bio!

When there are no distractions around, only nature and good company, take advantage of that time and switch off.

Oh to be sat at a look out point surrounded by friends, talking about memories whilst creating new ones…

Question is, sunset or sunrise?

Personally I love a sunset. The ending of a beautiful day - camp fires, blankets, drinks shared with friends.

✍🏼which do you prefer?

It’s the smallest of things that we always forget! Stay hydrated💧

If you’re anything like us you like to challenge yourself to find those beautiful look out points - staying hydrated makes that journey to the top 10x easier and more enjoyable.

A reusable, insulated bottle gets you extra brownie points♻️

Add a trek blanket into the mix and you’re good to go!

Turns out it’s more than just a blanket…

A fashion accessory now if you will! 🤝

Our blankets are light weight and compact, making it easier than ever to carry around from A to B.

A smile so big we didn’t even notice the Trek blanket! But hey, now you’re here…

Our blankets are made with G-20 ripstop nylon making them waterproof and super durable. Plus they’re lightweight so you’ll never have to worry about excess baggage.

Trek blankets are an essential 🤝

We are all guilty of reaching for our phone the moment we see something beautiful📸

✍🏼But remind yourself once in a while to take in that view through your own eyes, and not through a phone screen.

Trust us when we say you aren’t the only animals that love our blankets!🐾

Horizon Hound camping blankets are made with 20D ripstop nylon:

🤝A fancy way of saying they are waterproof
💨This means no lingering odours
🧼 Less chance of staining

Ultimately this makes our blankets perfect for those cosy camping trips, hiking or trekking, or simply an extra layer to keep in the car!

We’ve got your back, and your animal friends🐾💚

3 reasons why a trek blanket should be on your essentials list:

🎒Weighing up to 1lb 6oz, Horizon Hound blankets are lightweight for those long treks ahead

🧶Made with 20D ripstop nylon (which is water proof!) means less staining and no odors - this makes them super pet friendly

🔗Our blankets have popper buttons making them easy to wear on the go

Leave no trace. It goes without saying, but a gentle reminder to all to keep our environment clean🌱

We are fortunate to share it with some wonderful creatures and likeminded adventure seekers🥾🎒

Do you have a top tip for campers or trekkers alike? Drop it in the comments below…

The human burrito, brought to you by the Trek blanket!💃🏻🌯

We’re getting closer to those perfect nights in spring when the weather gets warmer and everything gets a little brighter✨

What is your favourite color blanket?🌈

The Sound Waves blanket is a crowd pleaser for sure. Doesn’t she look beautiful!

📷 @styledportland

Pack light and right🎒

There is nothing worse than being weighed down by excess gear! After all, you’ll be the one carrying it.

Our blankets are designed to be ultra lightweight but give you the maximum comfort, waterproofing and warmth. The essentials, if we do say so ourselves!💪🏽

Happy Valentine’s Day to you and yours, we hope you’re filled with love and happiness not just today but all year round💘✨

Make good times even easier with our blankets, the perfect gift from you to, well you!🕶

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