About us

Spending time outdoors has always been one of our greatest passions, whether out on the road, trekking across Europe or just relaxing in the garden counting stars, having that connection with nature is something truly special.

After years of carrying gear with us and whittling down to the absolute essentials, one item always held the top spot on our priority list. A warm blanket! This idea developed over some years and we focused on variables like weight, space and warmth. With all of that in mind we decided to pour all these experiences into a product of our own. This meant that we had full control over all the materials used ensuring this new blanket would be all the things we knew it needed to be, so that others would come to love it too.

We are still developing the blankets and we are always striving to make the best products while keeping them within everyones reach. A big part of that comes from listening to our customers experiences and taking onboard feedback and new ideas. We look forward to hearing yours.

Luke & Anna (very happy campers)